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RBI Repo Rate cut

RBI has cut repo rates once again on 4rth Oct and now stands at 5.15%. Repo rate is the rate at which banks borrow from RBI for short term.
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Why Financial Adviser

One of my clients had a home loan of Rs.75 lacs remaining period was 15 years and he wanted to prepay his loan. His loan was running at 9%.
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Buffet’s philosophy

Warren Buffet is among the 5 richest man in world and he has been among top 5 consistently for many years. He has a very simple philosophy...
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Economy Revival Measures

Prominent once are reversal of surcharge on Capital Gains, Passing of interest rate cut done by RBI to end user.
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Return Expectations

Consumer price inflation (CPI) in May 19 has been 3.05% which is very low and expected to remain so in future.
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Articles To Read

Annuity Plans: The Safest Bet For Your Retirement

The pandemic has come as a wake-up call for many of us. People are now giving a lot more priority to the quality of life...
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Quotes By Lord Buddha Every Investor Should Remember

India is a blessed land where gurus have preached the path of...
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Sometimes it is good to have some mental laws framed in our minds. These laws when practiced...
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Fund Manager Interviews

Mr. Harish Krishnan

Mr. Harish Krishnan is a CFA, PGDBM (IIM Kozhikode) , B.Tech (Electronics & Communications). He has a has 16 years of experience spread
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