Sometimes it is good to have some mental laws framed in our minds. These laws when practiced in our lives has the power to influence our life and make it better. Strong personalities always abide by some rules/laws of their own. Living life without personal laws does not sound exciting and it indicates that you do not have a strong character, dreams or strong beliefs. Here are a few laws which you can think of adopting in your own lives:

[1] Law of Failure: By failing to plan, you plan to fail. Having no plans or goals in life means having a life devoid of achievements and successes.Plans can be made for every aspect in your life, be it studies, career, relationships, life events/goals or financial well being – no matter how big or small they are. Make it a law to plan for everything in life from life goals/events to monthly budgets.

[2] Law of Belief: Whatever you believe, becomes your reality. Your actions, feelings and intuitions will be guided by your beliefs. It is said that mountains can be moved if you truly believe and there was a man who actually did that. Make it a law to believe in yourself and the things which you dream of today, will be yours sometime in the future.

[3] Law of Sowing & Reaping: As you sow, so shall you reap. This is true for relationships, businesses and even investments. The quality of your life, relationships or financial well-being at any given moment, is a result of what you have done in the past. Make it a law to sow only good deeds and make only good decisions in life for a better future.

[4] Law of Accumulation: Every single thing you do, positive or negative, accumulates. Everything that you do, you tend to repeat, and things that are repeated over time will become your habits, and it is habits that influence and shape your life. Make a law to do and accumulate good actions and avoid the bad ones.

[5] Law of Attraction: You will always get attracted to people and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts, whether positive or negative. Whatever you think about, you imbibe into your life. Make it a law to think about only positive aspects, people and outcomes in your life.

[6] Law of Cause & Effect: Everything that happens in life has a cause behind it. Every success or failure is the Effect of a cause. Success & failures do not happen by accident. Make it a law to set good causes/action into motion.

[7] Law of Creativity: You are limited only by your imagination. All positive changes and progress in your life begins with new ideas. The supply of ideas and innovation guides your potential. Once you have unlimited -ow of ideas, your potential too becomes unlimited. A big part of your happiness, success, relationships and future depends on the quality and quantity of the ideas that you have. Make it a law to generate quality ideas.

[8] Law of Control: You feel positive about yourself to the extent you feel you are in control of your own life. If you do not hold the strings of your life, you tend to become weak. Make it a law to get your entire life in your control.

[9] Law of Emotion: Every human decision is likely to be based on an emotion. Stronger emotions tend to dominate the weaker ones, which in turn will determine your decisions and actions, more than rationale. Make it a law to keep your emotions in check and not let any particular emotion dominate while taking a decision.

[10] Law of Luck: The more you work hard, the more lucky you become. There is no pure luck or chance worth waiting for in life. Once we are focused, committed and work hard, luck shines upon us. Make it a law to do more hard work to be lucky.

[11] Law of Destiny: When you truly work towards achieving something, the whole world conspires to help you get it. If you are dedicated to a single cause so much so as to make it your only passion, your life, then there is nothing in this world, that can stop you. You will find that slowly everything will start falling in place. Make it a law to have your own future and destiny decided to act whole-heartedly towards it.

[12] Law of Memory: If you do not repeat soon what you have learnt you will easily forget. But if you practice, do what you have learnt, you will remember it for long. This is true for any knowledge or skill that you learn in life. Make it a law to repeat and to practice what you have learnt.

[13] Law of Use: Whatever talent, ability, or gift you possess becomes stronger and better with exercise. If you don't use it, you lose it. This is the reason why most gifts and skills which we had as children tend to disappear with time. Make it a law to use your gifts and skills often and to not lose them with time.

[14] Law of Reaction: For an action, there would be a reaction. Every action of yours, be it good/positive or bad/negative will tend to have a similar reaction. Even if the reaction is not visible, there will be an impression made which will be hard to erase in life. Make it a law to take actions which brighten your's and others' lives.

[15] Law of Time: Each one of us has the same number of minutes and hours. But the actions and work done varies from person to person. The idea is to manage time and work effectively, in a way that there is little spare or idle time left. This will make sure the time needed to do a particular task keeps reducing, while the number of tasks done keeps increasing.

[16] Law of Company: You become the company you keep. You tend to think, act, behave and even dream similar to your company. Having an intelligent, aspirational and motivating company will inspire you to grow yourself into a better person. Make it a law to have a company of people similar to what you aspire to become.

[17] Law of Compensation: You are always compensated in more than equal measure for what you do. The more you give, the more you get. As long as you are doing good for other people, others will do good for you.

[18] Law of Expectations: What you expect is what you get. You do not get what you want or desire but what you expect. Expectations though have to be grounded on reality. If your expectations are just and well placed, you will get what you deserve and you will not be disappointed. Make it a law to have realistic expectations in life.

[19] Law of Karma: Keep doing good deeds without expecting fruits. Your hard work and good deeds will eventually pay o and you will enjoy the true fruits of labour. However, doing something while keeping results in mind might obstruct your vision. Make it is a law to do good without worrying about fruits.

[20] Law of Forgiveness: Bad experiences, pains, grievances and complaints are only burdens that you tend to carry unknowingly. You are mentally healthy to the degree to which you can forgive and forget. Your willingness to forgive others and to let go of the past grievances is the single most important determinant of whether or not you are free of burdens to act optimally with utmost freedom. Make it a law to not carry any burdens in life.

[21] Law of Habit: Your actions repeated over time become your habits and your habits in turn de fine your character. Your character ultimately shapes your destiny. In the absence of a specifi c decision on your part to change an aspect of your life, the natural tendency will be to go on the same way inde finitely. Make it a law to make good habits in life to transform your life over time.

[22] Law of Subconscious Mind: The subconscious mind is a powerful tool and when used properly can do wonders. It goes to work immediately on whatever you plant in your mind to bring it into reality. The subconscious mind makes all words and actions t in a pattern consistent with your self-concept and your dominant goals in life. Whether positive or negative, good or bad, if you hold an image continuously, make it emotional, and visualize it in your conscious mind, it will begin to organize everything around you to make it come true. Make it a law to create and shape yourself in your subconscious mind.