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about us

We are here to manage your
finance with experience

Financedger is run by experienced and qualified professional. We have mission of helping our client achieve financial goal. Financedger is four year old and has helped its client in achieving their financial objective. We believe in Goal planning and solution based advise to our clients. Financial Planning is a dynamic process hence need timely review. We are with our clients for long term and responsibility for there financial well being.

Contrary to popular believe that financial planning is for rich and wealthy we believe that it is important for all and can help person with limited means also to achieve its goal.

We always act in best interest of our client and never advise a product or service for lure of revenue.

Our Team


Awdhesh Nagar is experienced banking and finance professional. He has good knowledge of economics and business-related matters. He has founded ‘Financedger’ which advises more than 300 clients on their personal financial planning. In past he has worked with organisation like Citigroup, GE, Standard Chartered, SREI at senior level positions. He has handled investment, funding and project finance portfolio in these organisations. He regularly visits education institutes as guest speaker and provides his views on budget and economic events on media. Awdhesh has done his B.Com (H) from Sri Ram College of Commerce and MBA-Finance from University of Delhi.

Why choose us

There are many companies
but why choose us

  • We Now Have 300+ Clients We have now earned faith of approx. 300 clients who regularly seek and follow our advise to achieve there financial goals. We earn our revenue in long run through product sale but client faith is most important element of our business.
  • Start of Financedger Financedger was started in April 2015 with the objective of providing quality personal financial planning and advisory to individuals. We understand that retail or even HNI clients are not having access to kind of advise which a institution or Ultra HNI have. They fall pray to a lot of unprofessional and short sighted advise and product. Seller normally presents a product providing a immediate benefit to him. We are focused on long term well being of our clients and started journey to build a reputed and trustworthy business and brand.

Why Us

We understand that financial knowledge required to achieve goals is not available to individual and they are often misguided by different agents who are selling products irrespective of objective. We believe in providing solution based approach with high level of professional integrity. Goal planning is integral to our strategy and products are means to achieve the objective.

With our knowledge and experience we help our client do better with their financial resources and also spend better.

Why should we be your financial advisors /product distributors? This is a very relevant question to ask us. And given below is our answer...

Client Centric Approach:

All our offerings are designed keeping you in mind. Your long-terminterests serve as the 'primary' influencing factor in our recommendations process.

Rich Product Basket:

We offer a single point access to multiple financial products with a holistic need-driven approach & not product centric approach.

Focuss on Customer Satisfaction:

We come equipped with the right attitude, people, processes and technology to ensure higher levels of satisfaction and service quality. In transactions, we work systematically to find & ensure quick resolution of any queries or complaints.

Value Added Services:

We offer a single point access to multiple financial products with a holistic need-driven approach & not product centric approach.Our Services ensure comfort, convenience, confidence and control to you in managing your wealth. You would enjoy being always updated of your investments, any time, anywhere.

Right Experience & Skills:

We have over 4 years of experience in financial advisory and products distribution space. Our experience, qualifications & skills enable us to understand you and your needs, and then offer you the right strategies & solutions to achieve your goals.

Driven by Passion:

Serving clients is our passion and the reason why we are in the business. Nothing excites us more than helping our clients achieve their financial goals and dreams in life with our support.