Buffet’s philosophy

Someone asked warren Buffet Once ‘Is it very difficult to get rich’

He replied ‘No it is very easy but no one wants to get rich slowly’

Warren Buffet is among the 5 richest man in world and he has been among top 5 consistently for many years. He has a very simple philosophy, he has invested in equity and he bought what he sees selling around him, so he owns large stake in Coke, McDonald, IBM and many other large conglomerate. He also earns more dividend from Coke then salary of Coke CEO. He has been holding these shares for long and don’t intend to sell them. But he has been a full time investor since 1951. Buffet became a billionaire in 1990 and now worth USD 68 Billion.

His investment philosophy tells us that we have to give time for equity return and wealth creation. Don’t sell a good asset only because it has risen in price. He always looks for value in his investment and willing to take high stake for conviction and wait for performance. 

He has had his share of mistake and failures like missing investment in Amazon as he was not convinced with business model. He has very conservative approach to investment yet became one of the wealthiest person and has remained so for long.

His conviction in equity investing is stronger than ever. If one ask him what is good time to buy he says ‘now’ if you know what you are investing in and willing to hold long.